Brazilian Chocolate Truffles Selections

Brazilian Chocolate Truffles Selections

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21 Grams
Selections flavours

We are offering now Selection boxes from our three Selection flavours.


All our products are handmade and made to order so you always get the freshest taste.


Please let us know any allergens requirements as we are able to fit all your needs.


For full details on ingredients of each truffle please see individual product descriptions (links included above).


Most of our products are gluten free, and egg-free (except Lemon curd and white chocolate). They are all suitable to vegetarians.



    I am a scrumptiously, delicious homemade selection of Brazilian truffle box. I have inside precious handmade smooth chocolate coat in a variety of finishes. 


    I am gluten-free, egg-free and suitable for vegetarians!


    I am made to order so you can have the freshest taste every time.

    Made with the following ingredients:

    Chocolate Selection

    Condensed milk (Milk), Dark (70% cocoa solids), White (28% cocoa butter), Milk (35% cocoa solids) Chocolate (Milk, Soya), Butter (Milk) and dark/white/milk chocolate curls (Milk, Soya).

    Nuts Selection 

    Condensed milk (Milk), Dark (70% cocoa solids), White (28% cocoa butter),  Chocolate (Milk, Soya), Butter (Milk) and white/milk chocolate curls (Milk, Soya). Roast Pecan Paste (100% pecans) (Nuts), Dulce de leche (Milk), Caramelised Hazel Nuts Nibbs (Nuts), Lemon curd (Eggs, Milk), Almond flakes (Nuts)

    Fruit Selection 

    Condensed milk (Milk), White Chocolate (28% cocoa butter) (Milk, Soya), Butter (Milk) and white/milk chocolate curls (Milk, Soya). Passion fruit powder (100% passion fruit), Raspberry powder (100% raspberry), Coconut Cream (100% coconut), Desiccated coconut (100% coconut)

    For allergens: See ingredients in (Bold).


    Nutrition information, see label picture.


    Please find out more on our Orders Terms and Conditions.

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