Sweet treats and zero-sugar (Part 1)

To take time to be curious, creative, is a real privilege. So, we put it to good use in search to develop a dietetic friendly Brazilian Chocolate truffle recipe.

Follow our journey every week to see how this project is unfolding.

Like many people across the world those with diabetes (type 1 or 2) can't process sugar in their body. In the UK, 6% of the population is diabetic (10% of those are type 1 diabetic patients, where as 90% of other patients are type 2 diabetic), this is approximately 4 million people (source from

We love our chocolate truffles and they do have a high sweet content, so eat them responsibly. However, we could not just ignore our customers who are sugar intolerant.

To create an authentic diet Brazilian chocolate truffle we need diet condensed milk!

That was our first problem, as it is not possible to buy an off the shelf branded product. We need to create/recreate a diet condensed milk recipe.

Thanks to the internet, you found a few recipes pretty easily:

  • Keto condensed milk (Double cream, butter and sugar replacement - like for like replacement, optional vanilla paste)

  • Low-carb sugar-free condensed milk (Double cream, butter, mixture of sugar replacements, Gluten-free thickening agent)

  • Dairy-free sugar-free coconut condensed milk (suitable for Vegans too!)

We also had to overcome the sugar-free chocolate market, and luckily, there are branded dietetic chocolate available, as well as it gave us the opportunity to created our own sugar-free chocolate recipe.

Finally, there is a small matter of combining the sugar-free condensed milk and sugar-free chocolate recipes to create the best diet Brazilian chocolate truffles recipe.

Over the next few weeks we will evaluate which combination of recipes was better taste, and preserved the properties of an authentic Brazilian chocolate truffle flavour, consistency, appearance.

Before you can buy the new diet Brazilian chocolate truffle, we need to provide nutritional values of our preferred recipe and establish its expected shelf-life. So we are hoping we will be able to offer you the product later this summer.

Please, keep in touch, and watch this space. We can't wait to share with you the fruit of our hard work!

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