Monthly Delight a Luxury Brazilian Chocolate Truffles Subscription Box

A chocolate subscription box like no other! The authentic Brazilian chocolate truffles, made in Wales.

You can now purchase our mouth watering Brazilian chocolate truffles as a luxury chocolate box subscription plan.

So here is how Monthly Delight Subscription plans work:

  • Plans include a box of 25 chocolates every month

  • Postage is free of charge

  • Chocolate box includes a mixture of our Brazilian chocolate truffles

  • You will get every month one of our exclusive new truffles creations

  • We will set up a recurring payment for the duration of your plan upon purchase completed

  • Our monthly delight subscription box plans will save you a min of £ 14.80 and £ 94.80 depending on the subscription plan duration you choose

  • The Monthly Delight plans can only be suspended upon request written request

  • Subscription plans cancellations require to be sent in writing with at least one month notice otherwise you may be charged an additional month for failing to give us enough notice. Please contact immediately if you require to cancel your plan.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now

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