There is no such a thing as a silly question

Our products are very straight forward but in case you haven't found what you are looking for, we prepared this FAQs list for you. Please let us know if there is anything else you need to know.


What are Brazilian chocolate truffles?

These delightful creamy gourmet chocolate truffles are nothing like the traditional Ganache based truffles found in UK retailers. 

Our authentic Brazilian recipes are all Gluten-free and suitable for Vegetarians. We have also developed a range of truffles suitable for vegans, and are always experimenting to create new flavours. They are made with real food and no artificial flavouring.

Our products are all handmade from start to finish, which adds to the rich experience we want our customers to enjoy.

Our delicious truffles come in boxes of varying sizes, depending on the number purchased; though, for those special occasions we are a little more creative, offering hearts, Easter eggs and even Christmas Crackers, all filled with our gooey Brazilian chocolate goodness.


We cater for individuals, events (such as weddings) and for the corporate sector.


Where have these chocolate delights come from?

Brigadeiro, pronounced as [brie-ga-day-roo], is the Brazilian Portuguese word for chocolate truffles.  First developed by a Brazilian confectioner, Eloisa Nabuco de Oliveira, during the 1946 Presidential election.   Brigadier Eduardo Gomes partly funded his election campaign from the sale of these sweets. Though he didn’t win, the sweet caught on as a celebratory delicacy, that is still consumed throughout Brazil today.


What is Chocolate Party Express business purpose and mission?

The purpose of the business is:

“To create authentic decadent Brazilian chocolate truffles”

and to that our mission is:

“To bring luxury Brazilian chocolate truffles to the gift market in the UK”.


Where do I find the Order Terms and conditions? 

We have place a link to it on every product page but you also can access it following the Order Terms and Conditions link.


Where do I find the Data Privacy Policy? 

Follow this link for full access to our Data Privacy Policy.


Where do I find out the delivery time for my parcel? 

You will receive a notification email when your order is dispatched. Depending on the delivery method you have chosen it will take typically 2-4 working days. For full details of Royal Mail delivery options description visit First and Second Class parcels pages.


How do I add special request information to my order?

You can add special dietary requirements using the "Add Note" panel when viewing your order cart.

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Where do I find out more about your Cookies Policy?

Follow this link to access our Cookies Policy


What are the current delivery options available and how much do they cost?

We have expanded our delivery options since Covid-19 restrictions took effect in the UK. For full details of our current delivery options please visit the Helping you to gift blog post.


What is our return and refund policy?

Our truffles are amazing and you will not be disappointed, however,  if you changed your mind after you purchase our products please let us know within 48h of purchase, or before we have dispatched your purchase to you, we will cancel your order and refund it to your account. 

If you contact us after 48h, but less than seven days you can return the unopened box of truffles to us, and we will also refund your purchase.

Unfortunately, if you contact us after seven days, we cannot refund your purchase but we will give you a voucher for your next order, as a goodwill gesture.

Please let us know what was it that made you change your mind after purchasing our products.


We always endeavour to improve our products.