"Best chocolate truffles you ever tasted!"

Pure taste of Brazil


Chocolate Party Express has transformed Andrea's passion for these Brazilian jewels into a business. 
We make our products with the best ingredients and they are all hand made to order so you can get the freshest taste and outstanding quality.

Brazilian Chocolate truffles are also called Brigadeiros after it was invented in 1945 election to support the electoral campaign of Brigadier Eduardo Gomes. Brigadeiros were sold in parties to raise money for his campaign. 

Today, these delicious chocolate truffles are a tradition on celebratory parties up and down the country and Chocolate Party Express wants to create memories in the same way they did when Andrea was growing up. 

Enjoy! Share! Create Memories! 

We are Moving on:

We are changing our brand and our website. Bossa Nova (TM) is our new brand. To shop, we will be redirecting you to our new website. Thank you for your amazing support!

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